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Alsinger Company History


Torben Kjaer:

My professional career after my graduation started with a machine manufacturing company in Germany, which mainly supplies machinery to the beer and beverage industry.

As a result of working for this company over five years, I developed the ability to speak German and understand various dialects across Germany.

An engineering group of around 15 people was responsible for electrical and software design and implementation.

My tasks included, Software design, coding, testing and on site commissioning of bottle washing machinery, pasteurizers, bottle rinsing, chemical dosing systems and sedimentation.

I developed a passion for controls and became more involved in the design and development of more efficient control methods. I worked some years with mechanical, drives and electrical specialists, developing software for new synchronous drive technologies.

At the time distributed I/O systems on networks were starting to spread throughout the industry, and I was heavily involved in the early stages of this technology.

Networking with variable speed drives including longhand customized software programs for uploading and downloading of parameters and remote controls etc. were another milestone for the advancement in that technology.

After five years with the company my family and I moved to Australia.

A local engineering company in Sydney with around 15 employees hired me as their Senior Projects Engineer in the field of process controls.

Throughout my nearly four years with the company I became responsible for quotations, budgets, project planning, staff management, technical sales and client negotiations, in addition to the daily tasks of PLC and SCADA programming, electrical and software testing and commissioning.

My work became more various and I completed the first major customized project for a Water Treatment plant, using Siemens Step5 PLC’s and Siemens Unix PCS Systems as the SCADA. The project size was approximately 1200 I/O and included dewatering, thickening and sludge centrifugal controls etc. Further projects on various water treatment plants across Australia followed.

Other major projects included PET recycling plant with Siemens Step7 and WinCC integration technologies and redundancy. Organic Peroxide processes, materials handling, refrigeration technologies, preparation suites for pharmaceutical companies, dyeing processes, boiler house services and ice cream producing technologies.

The technical part of these projects included recipe handling, structured modular code generation, graphical animation for SCADA systems, data basing for real time data storage, alarm and event management, interfacing on various layers such as Profibus, Ethernet, Data highway + etc. Also included was customized parameter handling of field devices via various communication protocols such as serial USS RS232 and RS 485.

After nearly 4 years, the company went into administration and I was on the search for a new job.

Another Sydney based smaller engineering company with about 8 employees became my place of work for the following 3 years.

I was employed as a Senior Projects Manager and was responsible for quotations, budgets, project planning, staff management, technical sales, client negotiations and presentations.

Completed projects included; three major projects in pharmaceutical drug batching and utility management systems (UMS) for WFI (Water For Injection), PFW (Purified Water). Pre-form and materials handling, for the PET bottling industry. Factory building services supplies for various companies, which included steam and hot water boilers, cooling tower and air compressor technologies. Meat rendering controls installations and other Greenfield factories.

These projects included Data-basing and high level structural modular instantiation of device and sequencing layers compiled from a vendor neutral application into various controllers across the PLC vendor sector. Additionally I developed skills with high amounts of data manipulation, modular reusable SCADA implementation techniques, across a wide range of vendors.

Minimum plant downtime was a highly prioritized objective on many of the projects. Techniques for in-depth bench and on-site testing was developed allowing the processes to be tested via the SCADA systems without manipulative interference with the produced programs. This has become essential to especially the pharmaceutical companies and the technology highly complies with their GAMP and CFR requirements. This technology however is highly beneficial across the automated manufacturing section and saves on all aspect of a projects lifecycle.

As of 1st July 2004 I decided to leave and start up the company “Alsinger Integration”. My objectives with the company are to convey my knowledge about the industry and methods of efficient, robust, and reliable implementations to a struggling manufacturing sector, that often seems ignorant to today’s high requirements for proper controls implementations



Alsinger Integration is a consultancy and systems integration company, which specializes in plant automation

Alsinger Integration can help you get your factory processes running right, saving you money. Have your plant running smoothly with properly constructed controls and well written software. Cut downtime and waste to a minimum. Alsinger Integration is here to help.