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Contact Information for Alsinger Integration

Alsinger Integration is located in Sydney, Australia.

Our postal address is P.O Box 377, Dee Why NSW 2099 Australia


Calling from Australia:

Our phone number is 02 9972 0596

Our fax number is 02 9981 1912

Torben's mobile number is 0417 645 568


Calling from overseas:

Our phone number is +61 2 9972 0596

Our fax number is +61 2 9981 1912

Torben's mobile (cell) number is +61 417 645 568

If you would like to ask a question or you require further information about our services via email, contact



Alsinger Integration is a consultancy and systems integration company, which specializes in plant automation

Alsinger Integration can help you get your factory processes running right, saving you money. Have your plant running smoothly with properly constructed controls and well written software. Cut downtime and waste to a minimum. Alsinger Integration is here to help.